Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM)

1. Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBM) For pipeline and Subsea protection

Broadline Construction is the leading provider in subsea pipeline protection systems and seabed soil protection systems. Our quality concrete flexible mattresses support, stabilize and protect all sorts of subsea installations used by major oil and gas contractors. Our ready-made mattresses are largely cost effective and can be easily deployed using standard techniques. Our concrete flexible mattresses are used to provide:
  • Protection from hazardous objects
  • Increase in stabilization due to weight addition
  • Erosion control for riverbanks
  • Support and separation for oil and gas pipelines
  • Provide cover for pipeline bends and intersections and trenched/un-trenched pipelines
  • Foundations to other subsea activities or platform building
Our concrete flexible mattresses standard size are 8' x 20' x 4.5", 8' x 20' x 9" and 8' x 20' x 12" and Broadline Construction Design team can provide customized sizes catering for your specific needs.

Our Articulated concrete flexible mattresses are highly flexible allowing them to fit completely over the required area; they provide maximum protection and stability with minimum interference on navigation. Additionally, Broadline Construction concrete flexible mattresses will last beyond the service life of the pipelines, as neither the blocks nor ropes are subject to degradation, making them your preferred choice for a long term subsea protection system.

Broadline Construction designs and manufactures the concrete flexible mattresses. We deliver on time and on budget.

2. Grout bags

Broadline Construction offer standard 20kg polypropylene bags for deploying grout and sand by divers and ROV. Our unique handles ensure that bags can be easily maneuvered subsea and rapidly placed at the worksite.

Bags can be filled with sand, aggregates or cement to provide different densities and performance subsea. The bags can also be lined with water resistant liners if required to provide longer shelf life and prolonged workability for grout bags once they are deployed subsea. Our bags are load tested and certified by NATA approved 3rd party test facilities